Episode 118 - Another WolfCop/Blood Fest

September 12, 2018

 Don't look now but those boys from the Grave Plot are back again and they're here to cause a ruckus.


In today's Real World Horror, we talk about a missing persons report that ended with a fish tank full of human remains. In Horror Business, we discuss the exciting news that Joe Bob Briggs is back! We also have updates on the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie adaptation that also mentions Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps. We also discuss the latest project featuring genre legend Barbara Crampton and is there going to be a sequel to Suspiria? We wrap up this segment with news about the latest version of Spawn.


For our film reviews, we talk about the largest horror festival in the world, Blood Fest, featuring several different parks from various subgenres, celebrity panels, and karaoke with Zach Levi! We also have some thoughts on the sequel to WolfCop, the very aptly titled Another WolfCop. WolfCop returns for more blood, more booze, and more Bubba.


So strap in for a wild ride with another brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast.



Episode 117 - Summer of ‘84/American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon

August 29, 2018


One more time, with feeling.


We kick off today's new episode with some chit-chat about The Grave Plot Film Fest. We move on to Real World Horror, where we discuss the online "challenge" coming from a terrifying creature named Momo. In Horror Business, we start things off with an update on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. We move on to talk about Glenn Danzig getting into film making and a sequel to the popular South Korean zombie film Train to Busan. We close the segment out with a new horror film from Jay Baruchel and a TV adaptation of a popular horror video game.


In our movie reviews, we discuss the new 80s kids adventure thriller Summer of '84, from the makers of Turbo Kid. It's a little bit Stranger Things, a little bit Goonies, and a little bit The 'Burbs. But is it any good? Listen and find out. 


We also discuss the exorcism film and latest installment in the American Guinea Pig series, The Song of Solomon, starring former guest Jessica Cameron. The series has a history of being bloody and violent so tune in to hear all about this one.


So let's get crazy. Let's go nuts.



Episode 116 - Revenge/Dead Night

August 15, 2018

Have you ever listened to your podcasts and thought "why aren't there more poop jokes and idiotic viewpoints? There's got to be a better way!" Well now there is with a new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!

Today in Real World Horror, we talk about a young man who decided to take matters, and a relative's eyes, into his own hands. In Horror Business, we discuss the upcoming Amazon series "Them," a virtual nightmare from the Evil Dead universe, and the next project from the director of Hereditary. We've also got updates on Mike Flanagan's "Doctor Sleep" adaptation and we tell you why some of the people who made The Meg aren't happy about the release of The Meg

Finally in our film reviews, we discuss the film formerly known as "Applecart" by now known as Dead Night. This one stars a lot of familiar faces, including Brea Grant, AJ Bowen, and icon Barbara Crampton. Find out of it lives up to their standards. Secondly, we talk about the French film Revenge. This one has a bit of a buzz behind it which could be good or bad. Listen and see which one we think it is.

But wait, there's more! Oh, no, there's no more. That's it. So get your brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast today!


Episode 115 - Tau/Ruin Me

August 1, 2018

Did you think you got rid of us? Hell no, we're back once again with a brand new episode! Things get really real today as we make a major announcement! Tune in for the details.

As for the show itself, we kick things off with an update on our Real World Horror story from last episode. We move on to talk about how Shudder is killing the game right now and their new TV show is just another step in that direction. We also talk about news concerning Mars Attacks! and how two of our not-so-favorite filmmakers are teaming up. We've also got stories on a spin-off of Z Nation and the latest season of American Horror Story.

In our film reviews, we discuss the Netflix sci-fi thriller Tau, about a killer A.I. and starring genre darling Maika Monroe. Our second review is yet ANOTHER Shudder exclusive (did we mention they're killing the game?), Ruin Me.

So inject us into your bloodstream and trip out with another brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast.


Episode 114 - Happy Death Day/All the Devils Are Here (Patreon picks)

July 18, 2018

Hello again. In today's episode, we let our Patreon patrons decide which movies we would review. Lance D. selected the independent feature All the Devils Are Here, while Carlos Muertos selected Happy Death Day. So it's all their fault. Blame them.

Before all that, though, we have to take care of Horror Business. In Real World Horror, we talk about the biggest, blackest discovery in Egypt. We then move on to discuss a remake of Child's Play, a documentary chronicling the Night of the Demons franchise, and a new Netflix series. We close things out by talking about a Marvel Halloween special and a series of graphic novels from author R.L. Stine.

We also go off about Duck Tales, FOX, and more.

So dig in and enjoy the latest episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!


Episode 113 - I Know What You Did Last Summer/2001 Maniacs w/ Carlos Rodela

July 4, 2018

Happy fourth of July to all you red, white, and blue blooded Americans! We celebrate our country's independence with Carlos Rodela, aka Carlos Muertos, and the films I Know What You Did Last Summer and 2001 Maniacs. Oh, and Zima. Lots of Zima.

On top of that, we also have some fireworks known as Horror Business. We kick things off with Real World Horror, where we discuss a haunted police station in India. We move on to debate the merits of a remake of Roald Dahl's The Witches, as well as a Nightbreed TV show and the return of Joe Bob Briggs to our television sets. We also have a conversation on the upcoming collaboration from the makers of It Follows and Childish Gambino's topical "This is America" music video.

So hurry up and press play before you blow all your fingers off and enjoy a star spangled new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!

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Episode 112 - Hereditary/The Cleanse

June 20, 2018

Welcome back, Plotter.

No, that's terrible. Let's start again.

Hello again and welcome to a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast. Today we're discussing one of the most talked about movies of the year so let's get down to business.

Speaking of business, we must start with Horror Business. We kick things off with a Real World Horror story about AI that will most likely lead to the end of the human race as we know it. Thanks, science. We also talk about a new movie inspired by a viral ghost story that captivated Twitter and a TV series based on, shocker, a Stephen King novel. We go on to discuss an upcoming remake of Arachnophobia, a new movie from the director of Jason Goes to Hell, and a new adaptation of the Addams Family.

Okay, finally time to get to our movie reviews. We know what you all want to hear about. That's right, first up we discuss the Johnny Galecki film The Cleanse! It's a touching tale of a depressed man and the tiny, tadpole-like monster that escapes his body up while on retreat. Now, finally, we get to talking about Hereditary. It's all the buzz right now, with some calling it the scariest movie since The Exorcist. Does it live up to the hype, or is it a massive letdown? You know how to find out and that's listen to this episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!


Episode 111 - Sequence Break/Feral

June 5, 2018

A feral new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast has been unleashed.

In today's Horror Business, we discuss which central character may be leaving The Walking Dead, and what it might mean for the show going forward. We also talk about dead Crows and what the future has for Ash and the Evil Dead franchise. We wrap things up with stories about Joe Hill's Locke and Key series and a new film based on a 90s children's toy.

For our film reviews, we discuss Graham Skipper's directorial debut with the arcade body-horror Sequence Break. We then go on to talk about Feral, a movie Taylor describes as "Wrong Turn with zombies."

So plug in, grab your joystick, and mash your buttons to a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast.


Episode 110 - Bad Samaritan/Ghost Stories

May 23, 2018

Oh hello! So nice to see you again! We're back from Crypticon and ready to get back to work.

We jump into Horror Business by  talking about a giant "globster" that washed upon the shores of the Philippines in Real World Horror. We move on to talk about a new Netflix series from Guillermo Del Toro, a potential Zombieland sequel, and a curious remake. We close out the segment by discussing a new supernatural series from Hulu and a questionable series of true life supernatural films.

For our movie reviews, we talk about two new films. Up first is Bad Samaritan, featuring Scrooge McDuck himself, David Tennant as a psychopath hell-bent on revenge. We end things with the British creep show known as Ghost Stories.

So turn on, tune in, and veg out on a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!


Episode 109 - Crypticon Seattle 2018

May 9, 2018

Welcome to our annual Crypticon Seattle recap episode!

Let us regale you with tales from the largest gathering of the macabre in the Pacific Northwest. Hear tales of allyship among horror fans and debates on which horror icon would win in a fight. Take to the squared circle with a discussion on horror in professional wrestling. Learn from the pros with a podcasting workshop and finally, get a little blue with the Casket List, a veritable who's who of sexy monsters.

Hear all about our after party adventures with Luchagore Productions and the skeletons. Plus find out why Lisa Ovies wasn't let into the country.

All this and more when The Grave Plot Podcast takes Crypticon Seattle 2018!